3 Tips for Pike Fishing in Maine

The Best Bait to Use
The ideal bait for you to use to catch Pike is half pound to one pound heavy Walleye. Do not try and use little bugs, worms or minnows when you are going for the fish that tip the scales. If you want a fish that is going to satisfy you, get a nice sized Walleye and you are sure to love the results. If you try and use little bits of bait, the fish will get tired of chasing the little bits around trying to catch it, and they will more than likely turn away from you and go seek other food. However, if you throw in a nice piece of Walleye, they will grip like you can’t imagine, leaving you with more than enough time to pull them up.

If you get your bait from bait stores, you might want to reconsider as it is unlikely that the stores will carry the kind of bait you need to catch the big guys. They don’t normally stock 8″ smelt, large shiners, suckers or Portuguese sardines. You might find the bait in some stores, but they are not normally kept at all. It is important for you to get the right bait if you are looking to get the right catch; there is nothing more important than luring the fish to you. If you try and go after him it won’t work. You have to get him to come to you, and the only way that is possible is with something they like.

Don’t Get Confused Between Northern Pike and Musky!
Even though these two types of fish look quite the same, they are actually not family. The reason why they look so similar is because they are in the same environments and they live the same lifestyles under the sea. On the other hand, Walleye and the well known Yellow Perch fish are related, even though they couldn’t look more different from one another.

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One Response to “3 Tips for Pike Fishing in Maine”

  1. LS says:

    I would ask that you be sure to tell people to check the STATE laws for where they are fishing. Using walleye or any other spiny backed fish will land you a hefty fine here in maine! DO NOT try this for pike or any other predator fish in maine waters!

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