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4 walleye fishing tricks

Walleye are some of the most popular fish out there that anglers find to fish for. It can be a great deal of fun fishing for walleye and people of all types of fishing experience can enjoy fishing for them. They are very plentiful, especially in northern parts, and they are considered easier types of fish to fish for. Walleyes get their name because of their eyes. These fish have cat like eyes that [...]

4 fishing techniques to try on Iowa walleye

Anglers seek out walleyes because they are a real challenge and Iowa is a great place to fish for this species. They are a smart fish that is hard to catch but this makes fishing fun and exciting. Walleyes have large wide eyes that reflect light. This makes it possible for them see very well in dark conditions and it makes it more difficult to catch them. You have to prepare your gear correctly and [...]

4 methods to catch pike

Pike are some fantastic fish to fish. Seasoned anglers enjoy them because they are actually harder to fish for than many types of fish, making it more of a challenge and great fun. They are often distinguished from other species by their slender body, long head and sharp teeth. If you’ve seen a pike once, you are likely to recognize it the next time you spot one. They also have sensory pores [...]

Four michigan pike fishing tactics

Michigan is a great place to fish for pike because this species loves the Northern parts. Pike are known for their behaviors as well as their appearance. They have a slender body, long head and snout and very sharp teeth that will hurt bad if you get fingers inside. Most pike have a white belly with yellowish to olive green color on the sides and they usually have dark spots on the fins. You will sometimes [...]

Five northern pike fishing secrets

Many anglers love trying their luck at the elusive northern pike. These fish can get quite large and are fun to land. Those who fish for food find the white flaky meat tasty and it can be prepared in many different ways. For catch and release enthusiasts, the pike is one of the trophy fish that can really make a day at the lake worthwhile and can net some monsters. For the novice, however, it can [...]

Which pike bait should you use, when and how

When it comes to fishing for pike, there are many important things to know. These fish, by nature, are not as easy to fish for as some other species that anglers enjoy fishing for. This is why certain techniques and tactics are going to be important. The type of bait you choose will be very important to catching pike, as well as when and how you use it. If you have never been fishing for pike before, [...]

4 walleye fishing tips for Alberta

Located in the western part of Canada and along the border of Montana, you’ll find Alberta. One of the most popular game fish sought out here is the walleye. The average size walleye found in this area weighs about five pounds but you can catch some trophy fish here that weigh much more. It’s an excellent place to catch walleyes even though visitors often overlook it. Walleyes are a strong [...]

Walleye fishing tips for Colorado, places, baits, gear

Colorado is a spectacular place for fishing to take place. They have many types of fish and lovely locations. They have some hidden spots out of the way as well as those National Parks. The climate in Colorado is very nice in some areas, but they have very cold winters. They also have extremely hot summers along the plains, but then it is cooler in the mountains. I tell you all of this to help you [...]

3 reasons to read the Chatfield walleye fishing report

There are many reasons why you should read the Chatfield Walleye fishing report. However, there are 3 big ones that I would like to focus on because they really will make a difference for you: Learn when to go Learn where to go Learn what to use for bait This is because what is going on with the walleye today can change dramatically in a few days or a few weeks. The currents of the water, the temperatures, [...]

Four fishing tips for chain pickerel

Chain pickerel are witty and aggressive fish that provide anglers with a good challenge and an exciting time. They’re found along the Atlantic Coastline and in the Gulf of Mexico. Some anglers confuse this species with the northern pike but they have different markings that are very distinguishing. When you know what to look for, it will be easy to tell them apart. The chain pickerel’s [...]

Four fishing tactics to catch more Canadian walleye

If you enjoy fishing for a fun and challenging species, you’ll love Canadian walleye fishing. Canada is one of the best places to be when seeking out a trophy fish because this is the perfect environment for them to grow and thrive. Anglers travel from all over the globe to get in on some of the action. When visiting Canada, there are many places where you can fish with excellent accommodations [...]

Five walleye fishing secrets to try in Canada

Canada is one of the best places in the world to go walleye fishing. This environment is perfect for this species and you can find them just about everywhere you go. This is a smart and elusive fish that will make you work for your catch. First of all, they can steal your bait so you have to be alert and watch your line carefully. If you don’t, you’ll be reeling in an empty hook very often. Their [...]

5 walleye fishing techniques to try sport fishing on the great lakes

The Great Lakes are well known for their excellent walleye fishing opportunities among other things. The cool water is perfect for this species to grow and thrive, which is why you’ll find some of the largest walleyes in these waters you’ve ever seen. Anglers of all skill levels come from near and far to fish for this species every year. The area flourishes with resorts, hotels, campsites [...]

How do you jig for walleye?

Jigging is a fun and effective way to catch walleyes. You can jig in all types of water from the largest river to the smallest pond and in all types of weather conditions. It’s the most versatile technique used today and its popularity continues to grow as more and more anglers are learning how effective it can be for this species. One of the reasons this technique works so well is because it [...]

Must have equipment for walleye fishing

There are certain items that I will always have on my checklist before I go walleye fishing. Being prepared allows you to be able to have a great time, but you need to make sure you have the tools to get it done right. Since walleye fishing is so popular in North America, you won’t have any problems finding what you need. Large size walleye will put up a great fight, so you have to be ready for [...]

3 Walleye Fishing Tips Using Live Bait

Walleye fishing is fun and exciting because this species is one of the most elusive sport fish sought out today. It can steal your bait away without you even noticing due to the light subtle way it takes the bait. Anyone can fish for walleyes regardless of age or skill level and they’re found in most any type of water. However, they do prefer water with gravel, rocky or sandy bottoms. This species [...]

4 Night Walleye Fishing Tips for Muskegon Lake

Muskegon Lake is found in Michigan and it’s the second longest river running through this state. It’s one of the best places to go when fishing for walleyes in Michigan. Some of the biggest walleyes ever caught were pulled out of this lake and night fishing is highly recommended. This is when they are the most aggressive and when the bigger fish are more abundant. In case you’re not [...]

Three Northern Pike Lures and How to Use Them

The northern pike is an exciting species that can keep you on your toes. They have a single dorsal fin and light colored spots scattered along a dark body. They have scales around the mouth area and upper half of the gill cover. They are the most plentiful in the Great Lakes region and many anglers from all over the globe travel to seek them out especially during spawning season, which is usually between [...]

Five walleye fishing tips and best baits to use in Ontario

Ontario, Canada is one of the best places in the world to fish for walleyes. If you’re interested in catching a trophy fish, this is the place to be. This is why so many people visit here every year. There are many accommodations available including resorts and cabins where you can enjoy a comfortable stay during your fishing adventure. Even if you live in or around Ontario, you can still spend [...]

Four Pike Fishing Secrets

Anglers seek out the pike because they are a very challenging fish that’s hard to catch and this makes fishing fun and exciting. Their slender body, long head and sharp teeth distinguish Pike from other species. They have sensory pores underneath the lower jaw and dark spots on the webbing along the first dorsal fin and one on the lower part of the tail. One of the reasons they’re so hard [...]
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