I live close to the Columbia River. Is there good walleye fishing there and where?

I live close to the Columbia River… is there good walleye fishing there? IF so, where? I’m not catching any.

The walleye fishing in the Columbia River is proving to be the best fishing ever. The river seems to have some nice sized walleye coming out of it. One popular place to fish is by Boardman, Oregon. Many anglers will tell you that the fishing in this area of the Columbia River is exceptional for walleye fishing. The key area to fish is between Highway 395 and the dam up by Umatilla. The walleye hang out on the rocky edges by the shore. Then there is the area between Boardman and Umatilla on the Washington side for walleye fishing. The bays, channels and backwaters are excellent for finding the walleyes. You can also fish other areas of the Columbia River where the underwater humps and rock formations are found. Get a map of the river and see where the underground structures are located. Look by John Day Dam, and Hood River for some more hotspots. Many anglers prefer to troll the waters of the river so they can cover more area. I have heard about some big fish washing down from the dam when the Corps opened up the dam. The best time to fish is early morning and early evening. Use a spinner and a night crawler and you should have everything you need to catch a walleye. If you are sitting in one area, you can use a jig and a night crawler or even a piece of fish meat. The walleye are going to be hungry, so use the right size bait.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow walleye fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on walleye fishing since 2004.

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  1. michael johnson says:

    dan, i live in drayton, n.dak. i fish the red river for walleyes. the water is very muddy in the summer months but clears up some in the fall and winter. in the fall beginning about oct. 1 the wallleyes seem to begin to congregate at the mouths of tributary rivers flowing into the red. i have caught lots of nice walleyes at these river mouths in the fall and through the ice. but in the summer the walleyes seem to scatter. ive tried pulling cranks in the summer but havent been able to figure out what the walleyes do in the summer months. do they go to the deeper holes(20 ft). there is also a large channel catfish population. ive thought of using planers and pulling shallow stickbaits away from the boat and near shore. lots of big walleyes in this river but im stumped on how to catch them in the summer.

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