What are the top 10 walleye fishing lures? How do I know which to use?

What is the difference between walleye fishing guides? How do I know which to use?

What is the difference between walleye fishing guides? How do I know which to use?

When is walleye fishing season?

When is walleye fishing season?

Places to Enjoy Pay Fishing in Dallas Fort Worth area

I have been recently stationed in South Carolina moving from Minnesota. Where can I find walleyes in South Carolina? Where is the best place to fish them?

Spawning Walleye

i have been going fihing druing spawning season for walleye. i was wondering where they go to spawn and what is the best bait for them during spawning time thanks tyler.

Whitefish Lake and Walleye

Hi Dan, I am writing this to ask your opinion on Whitefish lake walleye fishing . We have had a cabin on upper Whitefish for over 30 years. My question is have you seen the fishing change in pattern and location especially say the last five years? It seems many of the old top spots no longer produce,and the fish seem more scattered than they used to be. I just wonder if the amount of stocked fish we [...]

What is your advice for fishing walleye in Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin or how to fish the bay of Green Bay in Wisconsin? Large bodies of water, but I

I am asking for your advise on how does one learn to fish Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin? Or for that matter learn how to fish the bay of Green Bay in Wisconsin. Large bodies of water but only having a 17 foot boat with a 60hp motor. I have tried asking at the boat landings and the majority of the time people say that I need to put in your time and I will figure it out. I agree that this method will work [...]

Jig Dark Water

what color jig works best in dark water

Help with Equipment name

i have a question i hope you can answer i was wondering if you knew the name of a device you put on your line to keep the people in front of your boat off to the side and it isnt a plainer board its a new thing out i seen it on a fishing show and i didnt get the name of it could you please let me know if you know what it is thank you

Boats and Walleye fishing

I am looking for the name of something. I am going walleye fishing in a boat. There is something i can use to not get tangled with the other lines. It is like a drift board but is there something else. If so could u let me know the name of that.Thanks

Walleye or Pickerel

somepeople say pickeral & some say walleye, are they the same or are they different kind of fish, Whats the difference?

Kankakee River fishing

Dan, live on kanakee river shelby have been catching on to walleyes last three years.can find them anywhere but gettinem to take in the jig is tough write now,they take it hold it then drop it,i give them slak when hit.water temp is up and down could this be factor?around 50 deg. [email protected]

Fish Walleye at Lake Erie

I have never went walleye fishing befor and i am going to lake erie this summer and I would like to know everything you need to go walleye fishing like what kind of rod you need and the bate (ect). Thank-you! Jamie Jones

Catching Walleye in S. Dakota

I just moved to South Dakoto what can you tell me about walleye fishing here?

Walleye Jig Fishing

What walleye jig fishing techniques can you tell me about?

Picking a Walleye Lodge out!

What should I look for in a walleye lodge?

Pike & Walleye fishing!

How can I improve my walleye pike fishing?

How do you clean a walleye

The walleye is a very popular sport fish that is sought out by all types of anglers. They are known by a variety of different names depending on where you’re fishing such as, pickerel, walleyed pike, jackfish and ol’marble eyes. They’re an olive-green color with gold flecks and they have a spiny dorsal fin and a white tip on the lower lobe of the tail. They have light-sensitive eyes [...]

Walleye Fishing Tips and Information that Everybody can Use

Walleye fishing can be a great and fun pastime but it can also be challenging to the novice and professional alike. Those who are good at it know that they have to be able to find the fish as well as knowing what to use to land them. This leaves a great deal of room to work with because there are different lures and baits in each area that the walleye are located that are effective. So it really [...]

How do you pick walleye fishing guides?

You can’t just blindly select walleye fishing guides or your dream trip is going to turn into a disaster before you know it. You have to be careful because in many areas there aren’t any tests or certifications that a person has to pass. They can offer a charter if they have a boat and they want to take people out on it. You want to find out the offerings first so that you get great value. [...]
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