How to plan a perfect Canada walleye fishing trip

Planning the perfect Canada fishing trip does take some time. However, it means you won’t be leaving important issues to chance. The overall quality of your trip is going to be spectacular with the right planning in place. If you are going with several people, divide up the research that has to be done.


There are so many wonderful places around Canada where you can go fishing. Part of your research needs to include where you are going to go. Take into consideration the time of year, the types of fish you would like to take home, and accommodations. Some of the areas offer a place for camping and others are very isolated so you will have to take along your own camping gear.

There are fly in fishing areas in Canada. These areas aren’t accessible by vehicles. Instead, you will be taken there by plane and dropped off. This can be a very exciting time because there aren’t nearly as many people in them. Of course the cost though is going to be more than if you are fishing around the metro areas of Canada. This can be the option though if you want to get some trophy Walleye. The setting is quite primitive though so make sure you take along anything you may need.

If you want to be able to stay at a lodge or resort where there are plenty of amenities, then you should consider a place in Canada that is closer to civilization. You will still find some quality locations out there though so don’t worry about it. This decision comes down to your comfort.

Independent or a Guide?

You have the option to go fishing independently when you go to Canada. The other option is to hire a guide to take you out there on a boat. There are plenty of perks to both options. It comes down to what you are the most comfortable with.

If you have never been fishing in Canada before, you may find hiring a guide provides you with an educational experience. It is very important to know the fishing regulations. They can vary based on location.

Plan in Advance

Regardless of what your final plans consist of, you need to plan them in advance. Canada is a very popular place for fishing, and the best locations book up fast. You don’t want to miss out on your options due to the fact that you waited too long to plan it and make your reservations.

Most locations require a reservation security deposit at the time you book. Some of those deposits are refundable and others aren’t. It is important to find out what the policies are before you book. Most of the locations don’t offer a refund for the deposit, but they do allow you to change your dates of travel.

Make sure you can take along your pets too if you have a dog or other pet with you. Many of the locations around Canada for fishing aren’t going to allow you to stay with your pet. Don’t just show up with one and hope for the best. They may not allow you to stay there, and then you will be out the money you have paid for that location.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow walleye fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on walleye fishing since 2004.

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