Please give me some tips on how to catch a northern pike

Please give me some tips on how to catch a northern pike

To catch a Northern Pike you need to use live bait that is as healthy as possible. This type of fish is very aggressive so they will be more attracted to that type of bait. If you use a large bait fish it will work the best for catching large Northern Pike.

If you are using lures then you want to have a reel with a very high ratio. This allows you to move the lure fast. If the reel has a low gear ratio then you are going to wear yourself out.

When you are looking for Northern Pike and you are on a boat during the heat of the day you need to fish for them in deep waters. They will be there in order to cool down and to catch prey because that is where those feeding locations will be. If you are angling from the bank in the morning or evening hours when it is cooler you want to fish close to shore. This is where the Pike will strike – often at the last minute.

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